Zeiss LSM 510 Meta Confocal Microscope: ARB R4-186

The Zeiss LSM 510 Meta has 3 single photon lasers (Ar, HeNe 543, HeNe 633) which allow the user to select lines of 458, 488, 514, 543, 568, and 633 nm. Two-photon excitation with Coherent Chameleo Ti:Sapphire Laser.

The Axiovert200 fluorescence microscope is equipped with motorized stage and incubation system for live cell work.

The Zeiss LSM software provides a wide range of image processing functions, including all standard 2D/3D (stereo, projection) functions, digital processing of voxels and 3D measurement functions and parameters.

The LSM 510 META enables you to easily perform quantitative colocalization analyses with reliability and precision. Image display, scattergram and data table are interactively linked to the ROI and tresholding tools. To give you an example: you select an area in the scatter- gram, and the existence of colocalization will be shown immediately in the unmixed image. Data table, histogram and image are interlinked in the same way. Data analysis can hardly be any more intuitive and precise.