Sheath Fluid and FACS Buffer

(Dulbucco’s w/o Ca+2 & Mg+2)

20X for a longer shelf life than 1X or even 10X.

20X PBS Stock Solution

Dissolve in THIS ORDER (they’ll dissolve faster) in 1 liter of H2O:

  1. 2.88 g Na2HPO4
  2. 160.00 g NaCl
  3. 4.00 g KH2PO4
  4. 4.00 g KCl

Adjust to pH 7.2 with 10 M NaOH. Filter and store at room temperature.

1X PBS Working Solution

  • Add 50 ml of 20X PBS Stock Solution to 950 ml glass distilled water.
    (Optional) Add 1g NaN3 for analyzer sheath fluid or 20g Bovine Serum Album for FACS Buffer.
  • Mix well.
  • Store at 4°C.
  • Use cold buffer for diluting and washing cells.