BD LSRII: Shands North Tower, Room 6116

lsriiThe BD LSRII is a flow cytometer equipped with 3 lasers. The cytometer allows detection of 13 parameters simultaneously (11 colors plus forward scatter and side scatter).

The LSRII offers high acquisition speeds, full inter- and intra-laser compensation matrix, and multiple thresholding on all lasers. Digital pulse sampling allows the measurement of Height, Area and Width from all parameters simultaneously.

Specifications and performance

Acquisition Rate: >20000 events per second

Fluorescence Sensitivity: Detection limit is <200 molecules of equivalent soluble fluorochrome (MESF).

Fluorescence Resolution: Coefficient of variation (CV) of FL-Area is <3%, determined by full G0/G1 peak for propidium iodide (PI)-stained chicken erythrocyte nuclei (CEN Quality Control Kit).

Fluorescence Linearity: Doublet/singlet ratio for CENs stained with PI or Hoechst is 1.95-2.05, detected with 488nm or UV laser.

Forward and Side Scatter Sensitivity: Sensitivity enables the separation of fixed platelets from noise.

Signal Processing

  • Digital electronics with 10 MHz sampling frequency
  • 18-bit data acquisition for area signals
  • Inter- and intra-beam compensation on-line and post-acquisition off-line
  • Height, Width, and Area measurement available for all parameters
  • Time parameter available for kinetic studies (Calcium)
  • Ratio measurements between any two parameters from any laser


  • BD FACSDiVaTM Software Version 6.1
  • All data are saved linearly
  • Complex hierarchical gating for multicolor applications
  • Automatic compensation of all parameters after acquisition
  • Complete set of statistics for all analysis


Analysis of cells, yeast, bacteria and beads

  • Multi-color analysis
  • HTS system
  • Calcium Flux
  • DNA analysis