Amnis ImageStreamX: BMSB J538

The ImageStream X (ISX) combines the quantitative power of Flow Cytometry with high content image analysis. It quantifies both the intensity and the location of fluorescent probes and can analyse highly heterogeneous samples and rare cell subpopulations at a rate of above 1000 cells per second. The ISX provides new insights into the co-localisation of proteins, cell-cell interactions, internalisation, targeted immunotherapy, parasitaology or cell cycle/cell death related questions.

A unique six-channel CCD camera and a novel velocity detection system work in concert to collect 1,000 times more light than conventional technology. The technique is called Time Delay Integration. The result is high resolution imagery with fluorescence sensitivity superior to flow cytometry.

The ImageStreamX system combines a bright field lamp, and 3 excitation lasers (405nm, 488nm, 658nm). Cellular imagery is split into six component colors through a unique spectral decomposition element. The result is a bright field image, a dark field image, and multiple fluorescence images of every cell.  The ImageStream uses IDEAS software.

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ISX Fluorochrome Chart